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Stimulus Pearls

How many web pages actually need a JS framework?

Most don't. They just need sprinkles of interactivity. Stimulus.js provides the modern JavaScript framework to provide interactivity your user's crave, without needing to relegate you Rails app to a JSON API.

New to Stimulus.js?

Follow along with step by step instructions to learn all best practices I've discovered from my tutorials at It's become my first choice for adding rich interactivity to any project I'm working on.

Stimulus speeds up development and web app performance

Your users only complain about speed when they don't perceive it's fast. Developers want to build web apps without getting stuck in the JavaScript upgrade treadmill. Stimulus provides a lightweight way to make user actions feel instantaneous, and won't weigh down your Lightspeed score.

And since you don't need to rewrite the front end in the latest templating framework, you can focus on writing features, not rewriting forms.

What's included?

22 Tutorials, updated with the latest version of Ruby on Rails and Stimulus.js. You'll also receive the source code from all the tutorials, so you can run each example and dig through the internals.

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Make Interactivity Default

Make your web app interactive now with easy to use, simple Stimulus.js controllers.

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    Stimulus.js has been an accelerant to my productivity as a Ruby on Rails developer. I’ve used Angular in the past, but it seemed like I had to go all in on Angular and relegate Rails to a dumb API. I love Rails, so this wasn’t going to be my selected solution.

    However, since Stimulus launched, I’ve taken the time to learn it, and I thought I’d share some of what I’ve learned in a series of small tutorials. It’s given my apps the interactivity to rival any single page application framework, and I get to use all the Rails magic that makes it a joy to work in.

    You can see my Stimulus.js tutorials here.